Upcoming Events

Revitalizing Tohoku: Reigniting Volunteering Efforts For Reconstruction

One year has passed since the earthquake and tsunami devastated the Tohoku area. Relief efforts quickly started and peaked during the Golden Week holiday. Since then, volunteerism has fallen steadily while much difficult recovery remains to be done. If you have already volunteered in Tohoku, would you do it again? If you haven't gone up yet, how should you get involved? Is there anything you can do from Tokyo?

The Post 3.11 Mental Health Tsunami: A Panel Discussion

The March 11th disaster made us realize that no one can be prepared for a large scale disaster single-handedly. In order to provide effective disaster relief for the English-speaking population, we need to ensure collaboration among stakeholders in the international community, English-speaking specialists and Japanese professionals. Experienced experts in this area and will discuss:

March Monthly Mixer - Networking Reception and Volunteer Appreciation

The CCCJ will be hosting its March Monthly Mixer at Roppongi Hills Club on the 51st Floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. Coming off the largest event in CCCJ history, with its success being largely attributable to sponsor and volunteer efforts, the theme to this month's mixer is to express our recognition and appreciation to active sponsors and volunteers of the CCCJ.

How Japanese companies meet the requirements of a challenging global economy - Yasuo Hayashi, Special Advisor to JETRO

Beginning with Greece, the European sovereign dept crisis, as one of the problems of the European recession, led to a feeling of opaqueness in the global economy that cannot be ignored. Meanwhile, emerging nations, who play a leading part in Asia, though still concerned about factors like inflation, aim to establish themselves as the centre of world growth.

Innovations in Professional Development Programs

  • March 07 (Wed) Registration Closed
  • 09:30 ~ 11:00
  • TMI Associates, 23rd Floor
  • 5,000 (member) | 6,000 (guest) yen

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) will host a Joint Chambers of Commerce Innovative MBA and Professional Development  Programs Seminar and Reception on March 7 at Roppongi Hills. This event is aimed at Country Managers, Heads of HR and Professional Development program candidates.

Following the Seminar and Q&A period, the CCCJ has arranged for a partially-sponsored post-seminar networking reception at Roppongi Hills Club for participants.

2012 APCAC U.S.- Asia Business Summit

You will want to take advantage of this major opportunity to hear from and network with key players from America, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. The summit will draw some 300 delegates from over 20 countries, including senior representatives of American, Japanese and regional business and government, to the Prince Park Tower Hotel on March 1-2. This must-attend summit will showcase two days of programs exploring critical issues affecting American business in the region.

Joint Chamber Networking Evening with Swiss and Belgian-Luxembourg Chambers

  • February 28 (Tue) Registration Closed
  • 09:30 ~ 12:30
  • Oakwood Premier
  • 1,000 yen

Instead of hosting our traditional monthly mixer, this month we’ll join forces with our friends at the SCCIJ (Swiss Chamber) and the BLCCJ (Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber) for a Joint Chamber Networking Evening on Tuesday, February 28 at Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown.

Come prepared with your business cards: meet new contacts and catch up with friends and business partners! The evening will feature drinks, light snacks and casual networking. There will be a cash bar with wines, (Belgian) beer and soft drinks, all very reasonably priced at 500 Yen!

DTI "International Board Member" Course

  • February 24 (Fri) to February 25 (Sat) Registration Closed
  • 01:00 ~ 09:00
  • Offices of LexisNexis Japan
  • See website

Co-sponsor:  LexisNexis Japan
Supporters: Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Enterprise Risk Services



The Board Director Training Institute of Japan - "Will the MOJ's Proposal Really Improve Corporate Governance?"

  • February 06 (Mon) Registration Closed
  • 07:00 ~ 09:00
  • Offices of GCA Savvian
  • Free

Master of Ceremonies: Kenichi Osugi, Professor at Chuo Law School
Speaker:   Professor Wataru Tanaka of Tokyo University (a member of the MOJ Company Law Subcommittee)
Panelists:  Akihiro Watanabe, Representative Director of GCA Savvian
Nicholas Benes, Representative Director of the Board Director Training Institute of Japan          

Attendance is free, but this is also an optional fund-raising event for "the willing". 

2011 Japanese Political Roundup and 2012 Outlook with Post-seminar Networking at Roppongi Hills Club

Join Tokyo's best known and most authoritative foreign born political analyst, Dan Harada, as he summarizes the main developments in the always tumultuous yet rarely straightforward world of Japanese national politics. 2011 began with one Prime Minister, and as is so often the case in Japan, it is ending under the leadership of another. What really happened and why? What is the likely future of Mr. Ozawa? When will the next election be held and what are the possible outcomes? Will Japan really embrace the TPP or are the internal opposing forces just too strong?

McGill Japan Forum: Entrepreneurship

  • February 01 (Wed) Registration Closed
  • 09:30 ~ 12:00
  • Hiltopia Gallery
  • 6,000 yen (members and guests)

he McGill MBA Japan program of the Desautels Faculty of Management invites you to attend the first McGill Japan Forum, on Wednesday February 1st, 2012.

McGill Japan Forum is a series of panel discussions organized by the McGill MBA Japan program and it will serve as an open venue for exchange between many members of the McGill community in Japan, and broader business community. This will be a chance to gain insights, ideas, and shared wisdom from leaders in their fields.

McGill Japan Forum #1