Rugby for Dummies!

Date: Saturday, September 7th, 2019

Time: 1600 - 1800

Address: Chai-Na

東京都世田谷区上馬2-26-14 マルエツ駐車場地下

The restaurant is exactly underneath of parking lot of

Maruetsu Super Store that faces 246 street.

The restaurant will cover the parking charge upto 3 hours.

Speakers: Lee Sunil - Kanto Rugby Union qualified referee, World Rugby qualified trainer 

Activities: Video & basic introduction to Rugby, including explanation of the rules, Q&A

Price: ¥3,000/adult, ¥1,500/under 12

Food/drink: Chinese buffet,1 comped Heineken, cash bar

Join us for a discussion of how Rugby is played and its unique vocabulary. In addition to demonstrative videos, expect Q&A about the rules with a JRFU referee, Lee Sunil, reality checks with a World Rugby Qualified Coach Trainer as well as commentary from former players.

Come brush up on the basics before the RWC kicks off!

Event Details

  • September 07 (Sat)
    Registration Closed
  • 16:00 ~ 18:00
  • Chai-Na
    Chai-Na 東京都世田谷区上馬2-26-14 マルエツ駐車場地下
  • ¥3,000 adults / ¥1,500 under 12
Registration is Closed