International Women's Day 2024: “Invest in women—Accelerate Progress”

Happy International Women's Day!  Let's take a moment to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women globally. Investing in women isn't just about empowerment—it's about accelerating progress for everyone.  
Here are inspiring messages from Governors of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.


“To all the wonderful women in the CCCJ community, happy IWD! I am constantly inspired by your achievements and capabilities. Happy IWD also to the non-women members of our community, and thank you for your commitment to making CCCJ a place where everyone can contribute.” - Annamarie Sasagawa, Vice Chair

"The CCCJ is a truly conscientious organization by acting on its principles of inclusion everyday of the year.  IWD is the perfect day to reflect on and thank everyone in the CCCJ and Canada-Japan relations community for continuing to be so inspiring and encouraging!" - Kayo Ito, Governor

"Happy International Women’s Day! Congratulations and thank you to everyone in the CCCJ community and those around the world who are taking action to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive world where everyone is valued and respected.  At CCCJ a core value of the organization is to be inclusive and I am delighted to be surrounded by a group of people who share the same beliefs." - Ai Nakagawa, Governor

“Happy IWD to all the talented women in the CCCJ community and beyond! Special thanks to other women promoters and mentors who paved the way and inspired me along the way. Your words of encouragements have a bigger impact than you can imagine!  Shout out to our other allies in the process of advocating for each of us to fulfill our unique potential in strengthening the Canada-Japan community and beyond." - Andréanne Parent, Governor

"The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024 — “Inspire Inclusion” — is happening right here at CCCJ, thanks to the inspiring and awesome women in our membership and our inclusive and supportive allies! Let’s fan out what we have at CCCJ and collectively cultivate a better world for all women and all mankind!" - Riyo Whitney, Governor

"Happy International Women’s Day to all the great women in the CCCJ community, and beyond! - To the non-women members and everyone celebrating this day. As a Japanese and Canadian woman, I am grateful to celebrate this day with our CCCJ members and to keeping building an inclusive community with everyone." -- Akira Yamaguchi, Governor