Kayo Ito

Senior Vice President, NTT Ltd.

As a Saskatchewan native who attended the U of S, I did what a lot of us do when we graduate – move away for what we saw as “better opportunities”. Since I have joined the workforce in the telecommunications/IT industry, I have been very lucky to work in the US/APAC and in Japan over the last 20 years. However, the one place that work has yet to take me is Canada. Therefore, I have been looking for opportunities to strengthen ties back to the Canadian community and came across the CCCJ as a way to get involved. For me, being a Governor for the CCCJ gives me the opportunity to contribute more to the Canadian community by volunteering my time towards initiatives which will benefit the CCCJ community here in Japan and bring the Canadian and Japanese communities closer together by acting as a “bridge” between the two cultures. There are benefits for both Canada and Japan to collaborate more closely, and I hope to be able to contribute to strengthening and broadening the partnership.
I am particularly interested in collaborations in the areas of developing technology partnerships & investments, educational opportunities, spreading the knowledge around best practices for gender diversity management and of course, supporting the social aspect of the Chamber. I was able to get involved in a few activities for the Chamber this year since I joined, and I have found the work very rewarding because the CCCJ membership is comprised of a truly wonderful group of people.
I hope I can fairly represent you as Governor for the CCCJ and I look forward to contributing towards the growth of this vibrant community.