Annamarie Sasagawa

Hitachi Ltd

I grew up in British Columbia and first came to Japan 18 years ago. I’m a cultural anthropologist by training and worked in tourism operations and research consulting before my current role in global communications at a Japanese multinational.

The CCCJ exists to develop the Japan-Canada business relationship, and I want this to be a relationship based on shared values and an eagerness to learn from each other. Business success is never easy or predictable but I believe access to the knowledge and support of a diverse and experienced community like the CCCJ makes a real difference.

As CCCJ vice-chair, I look forward to supporting the Chair, Executive Director, and Board of Governors in our shared goal of making the CCCJ the go-to place for both business support and friendly community for anyone who considers themselves a stakeholder in the Canada-Japan business relationship. We’re happy to have you; please get involved!