Andréanne Parent

Manager - Supply Chain, Robert Walters Japan K.K.

Andréanne Parent is a 'Québécoise' fluent in French, English and Japanese, the youngest board member ever to get elected in CCCJ history.

About Andréanne

Graduated with honors from Bishop University with BA in International relations with a minor in Japanese studies, she also completed the 1 year- exchange program at Waseda University’s Dean's list. Her professional career started in Japan as a new graduate hire in the traditional Japanese corporate culture management track program at H.I.S. Group in Nagasaki before joining their merger and acquisition project with a Canadian B2B travel agency in Tokyo.

Following the successful merger, she has since joined the Global British HR talent consultancy Robert Walters Japan K.K., which specializes in consulting foreign affiliates multi-national offices on their bilingual talent acquisition strategy, as well as Japanese companies planning to diversify their workforce in addition to individual career consulting. 

Member of the events committee, you can regularly see Anne at CCCJ business related events such as the monthly mixers and seminars or lifestyle events ranging from break dancing to skating. She also joined the Market Access Advisory Committee to support Canadian corporations navigate the Japanese market, but also welcomes Japanese corporations expanding their operations in Canada.