Riyo Whitney

Education Specialist, OVS Japan

I am honoured to be serving my second term as governor for the CCCJ. My career has been in Education at all levels from elementary to university, as teacher/instructor, principal, curriculum designer, educational consultant, counsellor, and more. At CCCJ, I have started up an Education Committee and have been actively contributing to CCCJ by organizing speaker series, mentoring programs for young professionals, and participating on ad-hoc committees. In return, I have received invaluable guidance and support from CCCJ to start my business here in Japan! 

In my effort to add innovation to education in Japan, I have recently started a new educational venture by partnering with GLICC, a well-respected education support company in Tokyo, to offer a certified Canadian high school graduation program online. 

As for other business involvement, my family operates the Izu Beach House by ManabiTabi, a rental vacation property.

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