Riyo Whitney, CCCJ Governor

Riyo Whitney

Director of Education, ManabiTabi | Principal Emeritus, BC Offshore School in Tokyo

I am honoured to be a Governor at CCCJ! I have started up an Education Committee and I am active on the Events Committee, Hackathons, and enjoying collaboration with other committees. My area of expertise is in Education, specifically in administrative leadership, and curriculum and instruction. I have taught elementary to university (UFV and VIU), and have participated in the development of curricula for BC, the State of California, and for Stanford U’s SPICE program. As the Principal Emeritus of the first BC offshore school in Japan, I managed the complexity of dealing with cross-cultural, linguistic, and often conflicting perspectives and policy challenges. Recently as an Education Consultant, I have been advising education-related business start-ups as well as consulting and collaborating with educational leaders and schools to improve the state of English education, STEAM, and competency-based learning here in Japan, especially critical thinking, creative thinking, and communication skills. Canadian Education is a truly valuable and marketable commodity!  

As for other business involvement, I co-own an Aviation business in Canada. A few more mentions would include: Hospitality sales, G7 Summit contract work, and Sister-City bridging work between towns in Canada and Japan. I am a Japanese-Canadian, bilingual and bicultural, with a thorough understanding of the nuances of each culture and its business practices.