Riyo Whitney, CCCJ Governor

Riyo Whitney

Bunka Suginami Canadian International School

As the Principal of Bunka Suginami Canadian International School, I believe Education to be one of Canada’s most marketable commodities. In dealing with the various and often conflicting arms of running a school, I have honed the skills to navigate a goal-oriented, collaborative, evidence-driven, and economically viable path. The Tokyo private school accreditation process has rated our school as one of the top innovators in Education in Tokyo, developing global thinkers with skills for the 21st century. Our graduates have been accepted at top universities on both sides of the Pacific. Numerous CCCJ members have shared experiences and advice to our students, planting seeds for the future. My career in Education has also included teaching at Canadian and Japanese universities, recruiting international students for Canadian school districts, and creating curricula for the BC Ministry and at S.P.I.C.E.

Additionally, I am a partner in a Charter Air Service business in Canada. I also have work experience in the Hospitality industry dealing with VIP’s and event planning. One of my most rewarding volunteer work was to assist in the formation of a sister-city relationship between Mission, BC, and Oyama-cho in Shizuoka.

I hope to continue collaborating and learning through CCCJ, but also to champion and challenge the CCCJ to have even greater impact on strengthening and enhancing Canada-Japan ties. Is there an appetite for an Education-Business committee? I have been actively involved in CCCJ since arriving in Tokyo just over a year ago, attending Hackathon meetings, volunteering on the Events committee, and attending numerous CCCJ-sponsored events. The collegiality is amazing. I hope to be able to serve you as a Governor.