CCCJ Canada/Japan tax and business start up seminar

CCCJ is pleased to inform our speaker series of the presentation for Canadian/Tokyo Private Clients with International Tax Issues on November 15.


  • Global Mobility Session for corporate @ Embassy (4:00 PM – 5:30 PM) Afternoon snacks, coffee/tea will be served

  • Individuals Session @ Embassy (6:00 PM – 7:30 PM) Finger food/ drinks will be served after, networking reception (7:30-8:30)


Please specify in the note when you make a purchase for which session you are attending.


In collarboration with Trowbridge International Tax, the seminar is about Canadians living or working abroad on TAX AND PENSION PLANNING.

Using an interactive case study approach, Trowbridge tax expert and partner Ernie Nagratha will be  helping Canadian expatriates navigate the complex world of international tax.

Along with his colleague Masahiro Yamazawa from Altesta Corporation (Tokyo), they will cover topics from a Tokyo and Canadian perspective.

We have a short presentation by the Embassy of Canada to Japan, immigration officer Harold Wulf.

Attendees will leave this session with valuable tips and advice on:

  • Canadian residency for tax purposes
  • Canadian and Tokyo filing requirements
  • Tax planning for Canadian expatriates, either departing Canada or arriving in Tokyo
  • Retirement planning
  • Ownership, sale and rental of property in Canada and Tokyo
  • Pension planning
  • Current tax reform for Japanese inheritance tax and departure tax

Who should attend?

  • Individual expatriates working/living in Tokyo with Canadian and Japanese personal tax interests
  • Permanent resident working/living in Tokyo with Japanese inheritance and departure tax interests

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your knowledge and have your international tax questions answered.


Presentation for Companies with Globally Mobile Employees

This is a must-attend session if you have employees or considering hiring employees who fall into the following scenarios:

Short Term Business Travel to/from Canada and Tokyo

Are you sending employees on business trips to Canada to perform duties for your company or your customers?  There are specific employer payroll and corporate tax reporting and withholding requirements in Canada and Japan you need to be aware of.

Working from Home Arrangements in Canada or Tokyo

Do you have employees that are Canadian resident individuals working from Canada on a short term or long term basis? How about Tokyo employees working In Canada?  There are reporting requirements for the employee and the employer as well as corporate tax matters that need to be considered.

Short Term Assignments to Canada/Tokyo

Are you sending employees to Canada or Tokyo on a short term basis? You’ll want to take advantage of tax savings opportunities for both the employee and the employer for certain benefits provided to the employee that can be structured prior to the assignment.

Attracting Canadian Employees

Are you a company in Tokyo looking to attract Canadian talent? You need to know the tax requirements the individual must meet prior to their departure from Canada.

Doing Business in Canada or Tokyo

What corporate and personal tax matters should be considered by your company when doing business in Canada? How to set up company and open corporate bank account in Japan?

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate HR professionals handling globally mobile employees
  • Finance professionals working on the corporate and personal tax matters relating to their mobile employees
  • Payroll professionals managing international payroll for their employees
  • Corporate management who plan to start business in Canada or Japan

As business continues to expand beyond borders, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to attend.


  • Please kindly bring your photo ID with you which may be requested to be produced at the Embassy’s guard’s station for security purpose
  • Please specify in the note when you make a purchase for which session you are attending. If you purchase the first session, you are welcome to stay for the second session as well.

Event Details

  • November 15 (Thu)
    Registration Closed
  • 16:00 ~ 20:30

  • Embassy of Canada to Japan: 7-3-38 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo, 107-8503 Japan 在日カナダ大使館
  • 1000 yen for Members, 2000 for Non-Members
Registration is Closed