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講演者:ジミー・ミッチェル(アドバンテージBC国際ビジネスセンター・バンクーバー 副社長・事業開発担当)

AdvantageBC (formerly the International Financial Centre or IFC) promotes British Columbia as a location for investment and doing business, and encourages corporations to take advantage of the favourable tax treatment available under the Province's International Business Activity (IBA) program.  By locating an international business in BC and registering in the IBA program, a company can receive up to a full refund of British Columbia corporate taxes paid on the net income of qualified international financial and business activities.

The presentation will focus on:

·        Overview of Canada's / BC's current tax environment

·        Comparison of Canadian / BC taxes with international tax regimes

·        Introduction to British Columbia's International Business Activity (IBA) program

·        Major areas of incentive under the IBA --- financial institutions, corporate treasury / large exporters, wealth & asset management, fund management and administration, patent activity, and a personal tax   incentive for foreign transferees

·        Recent trends including resource and energy-based investment into Canada / BC, and recently-implemented changes to Japanese CFC rules making it easier to repatriate income and avoid further taxation in Japan. 

·        Introduction to the AdvantageBC organization

Speaker: Jimmy Mitchell, Vice President, Business Development, AdvantageBC


Event Details

  • December 06 (Thu)
    Registration Closed
  • 01:00 ~ 02:30

  • TMI Associates 23F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
  • Free of charge
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