CCCJ Official Kamaishi Rugby T-Shirt

The X-Treme Rugby “Support Kamaishi” shirts are available exclusively through the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Japan. These shirts were created by the Chamber’s “Team Canada” committee, with the goal of supporting the community in and around the Tohoku city of Kamaishi. The committee has made a commitment to support Kamaishi starting with Canada’s Rugby World Cup game hosted at the Kamaishi Recovery Stadium in 2019, and continuing on with a lasting legacy, and connection between Canada and Kamaishi.

The shirt features a left breast logo highlighting the presence of Canadians in Japan shown by a hinomaru (sun circle) encompassing a maple leaf. Across the front in Japanese kanji characters is the nom de guerre of the legendary players of the Kamaishi Steel rugby club, produced in the colour and pattern of steel. This kanji can be read as Kita-no-tetsu-jin or “Northern Iron Men”, a description that some might say also suits Canada. The red and white sleeves of the shirt again highlight the connections between Canada and Japan, with the flags of each country sharing those colours. The kanji for aka (red) and shiro (white) spread across their respective sleeves.

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Our current web site is setup for the sale of event tickets, but we will use this for now until we figure out a better way. We have been getting so many request for the shirt. Please be patient while we get your shirt to you (it may take us a couple of weeks, but we will do our best).

Limited quantity - less than 100 shirts left. 2 shirts max per person due to limited stock.





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