Making real progress on DEI in Japan: What works?

Developing talent pipelines regardless of gender, nationality, disability, or other markers of difference is a management priority for many of us in leadership roles in organizations in Japan. If it's a management priority, it needs to get done. How? 

This roundtable session is an opportunity for leaders in Japanese organizations to share successes, failures, and lessons learned about how to make meaningful progress on diverse talent development. We will not spend time discussing if or why DEI should be a management priority; we will assume that all session attendees work for organizations that have already decided it is. Instead, we will focus on sharing from-the-frontlines learnings about what changes to policies, metrics, and management processes have shown results. This discussion is not limited to the HR or DEI-function specific perspective; we will take a senior management total view.

Attend this session if you are a business leader who needs to make real progress on diversity in your organization and want to learn from your peers what works.

This session will be off the record. The CCCJ will write a brief event report using Chatham House rules.


Date: Wednesday, November 8th

Venue: The Embassy of Canada to Japan 

17:45 Doors Open

18:00 Networking over find spread of food and beverages

19:00 Roundtable

20:00 Post-roundtable Networking

20:30 Closing

* Security screening will be conducted at the Embassy entrance.  We recommend arriving early with minimal personal items. Government-issued photo ID is required to enter the Embassy.

** This event is open to CCCJ Members.

Event Details

  • November 08 (Wed)
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  • 18:00 ~ 20:30
  • This event is open to CCCJ Members
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