The Post 3.11 Mental Health Tsunami: A Panel Discussion

The March 11th disaster made us realize that no one can be prepared for a large scale disaster single-handedly. In order to provide effective disaster relief for the English-speaking population, we need to ensure collaboration among stakeholders in the international community, English-speaking specialists and Japanese professionals. Experienced experts in this area and will discuss:

  1. Issues involved in psychosocial and mental health disaster relief
  2. What has been taking place in the affected regions
  3. How we can actually improve preparedness among the English-speaking population

Come join us - Operation Tomodachi begins anew today.

Featured Panelists:

Dr. Jun Shigemura, MD, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, National Defense
Medical College
Topic: Mental health issues in disaster workers and government employees
working abroad

Dr. Linda Semlitz, MD, Executive Officer, Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)
Clinical Director, TELL Counseling Center
Topic: Activities by Tokyo English Life Line

Dr. Yoshiharu Kim
Topic: The Mental Health community's response to the 3.11 disasters and
future preparedness

Moderated by Dr. Tsuyoshi Akiyama, Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)


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