CCCJ RWC Kamaishi Weekend Getaway Package Flyer

Rugby World Cup Weekend Getaway in Kamaishi!

Head Up North with Us!

The CCCJ is proud to announce an outstanding weekend vacation package surrounding the Canada versus Namibia Rugby World Cup game in Kamaishi's Unosumai Memorial Stadium on Sunday, October 13th 2019!
Kamaishi is one of countless towns that were utterly devastated by the 2011 tsunami, and the stadium that the game will be held in was built to commemorate the lives lost during the disaster. Kamaishi spent billions of yen to build the best purpose-built rugby stadium in Japan, but sadly only got two RWC games. We encourage all Canadians to join this on this weekend not only in a gesture of solidarity, but also as a means to build meaningful, sustainable links with this hidden gem of Japan.

We'll be leaving Tokyo on the Shinkansen mid-morning on Saturday, October 12th, headed for the legendary home of everyone's favorite turtle monster, the KappaTono city, about 40 minutes west of Kamaishi by car. From Tokyo to Shin-Hanamaki we'll go, and then board a chartered bus for the second half of the trip. First, we will stop in Kamaishi to visit the hill near the stadium that 3,000+ students ran up on 3/11 to escape the tsunami, what is referred to as The Miracle of Kamaishi. Then, we'll pile back in our bus and head for Tono city.

Once in Tono, we will make camp in one of 6 rustic cabins that we've rented out, and then head out to taste the bright flavors of Tono's craft beer & saké breweries. After we've whetted our palates, we'll return to the cabins for a wonderful barbecue dinner in collaboration with member oranizations and local organizations.

On Sunday, we'll board the bus once again and head to Kamaishi wih plenty of time to participate in the pre-game activities. If you don't have a ticket for the game, fear not: you can have just as much fun at the Kamaishi fanzone as you would in the stadium itself. We'll be attending afterparties once the game is over, and then take the bus back to Tono for the 2nd and final night in the cabins.

This is a great chance to experience the breathtaking beauty of rural Iwate on the way to witness a once-in-a-lifetime Rugby game, and we're sure that you'll have a fantastic time! 


What You Get

  • All inclusive transportation!

    • Round trip Shinkansen ticket between Tokyo and Shin-Hanamaki
    • Seat on a chartered bus on Saturday, October 12th and Sunday, October 13th
    • Chauffeuring between accommodations and game day facilities
    • Additional transit provided by local trains
  • Access to pre- and post- game festivities!

  • Bed or tatami (the choice is yours!) in one of 6 shared cabins!

    • Each cabin sleeps 4 (2 beds, 2 tatami)
    • Fully functioning kitchen, bath, and toilet
  • Craft beer and saké brewery tours and tastings!

    • Tono Brewing
    • Kamihei
  • Barbecue dinner party!

  • Sightseeing!

What You Don't Get

  • A ticket to the Rugby World Cup Canada vs. Namibia match. You must buy this separately, and yourself. You can start your search for tickets if you so desire at the official Rugby World Cup website.

This package is meant to provide all participants, regardless of whether or not they have a ticket to the game, with an outstanding experience in Iwate as a sign of support and solidarity with the still-recovering Tohoku coast.

Event Details

  • October 12 (Sat) to October 14 (Mon)
    Register by Sep 12th 2019
  • 08:00 ~ 05:00
  • Unosumai Stadium
  • 83000