Managing the Media in a Crisis

The CCCJ has arranged for media training specialist David Wagner to deliver a thought-provoking session on what companies need to bear in mind when a crisis hits.

Issues only become crises when the media get involved - and the media have enormous power to affect the outcome of the crisis and the future of your business. Favorable media coverage can trigger positive actions among customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders. Negative exposure can inflict damage that takes years to reverse.

How can you turn the power of the media to your own advantage in a time of crisis?

In this highly interactive session, Mr. Wagner will draw on lessons from decades of experience in training executives to deal with the media in Japan. Simulating a mini-crisis, the session will highlight the importance of proper preparation and delivering media messages clearly and concisely. Video clips will be used to show how messages can alter perceptions, with positive and/or negative results.

Please join us for what promises to be a highly entertaining as well as instructive experience.

Following the seminar from 8-10pm, the CCCJ has arranged for a networking reception to be held at Roppongi Hills Club on the 51st floor, which will include a delicious spread of fine foods, all-you-can-drink beverages and a beautiful view of the Tokyo skyline to network over.

Post-Seminar Networking: 20:00 - 22:00.

Event Details

  • May 17 (Thu)
    Registration Closed
  • 09:30 ~ 10:45
  • TMI Associates, 23rd Floor
    Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
  • 8,000 yen (members) | 9,000 yen (non-members)
Registration is Closed