Stop Selling, Start Managing!

How many of your sales managers really manage and develop their subordinates in an organized and structured manner? Unfortunately, most sales managers share the following common characteristics:
- Superb selling ability, but are lacking fundamental management and training skills, because they have never been taught how to manage
- Promoted because they were the best sales rep or because “it was about time for them to become managers”
- They received little or no management training pre or post promotion
- As managers they take on a dominant role during joint calls with sales reps
- Rather than asking, they tell the sales rep what was good and bad about the call, followed by “if I can do it, why can´t you?”
- They sell into accounts because their subordinates cannot
- Have little or no interest in acquiring management skills / expertise, more comfortable selling than managing
- Develop their subordinates in an ad hoc, disorganized manner, if at all

Any of the above sound familiar in your organization?
Then you need to attend this Luncheon Seminar to determine what role your first line sales managers need to execute, what management and training skills are essential to their success as sales managers and what can and cannot be done in the real world. After this Luncheon Seminar, you can go back to the office and tell your first line sales managers to:

Host: The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

Event Details

  • June 23 (Thu)
    Registration Closed
  • 03:00 ~ 05:00
  • Shangri-La Hotel
    Tokyo Conway, 27F
  • 6,000 yen (members)
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