Post-COVID Business Landscape Vol. 2

The post-pandemic Japan-Canada trade relationship: Challenges and opportunities

While the post-pandemic business landscape is still unpredictable, COVID-19 has accelerated trends that in ‘normal’ times would have taken much longer to take root, forced some industries to make rapid adjustments, and opened up new opportunities to build back more diverse and resilient organizations.


While the CCCJ can’t predict the future, we are lucky enough to have in our community a number of experts in different fields willing to share their insights on how to understand the post-pandemic world. In this webinar series, expert panelists from various fields will discuss the changes they expect to see in their respective parts of the business world.

Canada and Japan not only have many common values, but also a strong trade relationship with a long history. Diplomatic relations between our countries date back to 1928, and over the decades our two countries have developed a trade relationship that is not only stable and balanced in the present, but full of untapped potential for the future. No bilateral trading relationship, however stable, will emerge unaffected by COVID-19, but what exactly will Canada-Japan trade relations look like post-pandemic?

Our expert panelists share their takes on how the Canada-Japan trade relationship will evolve post-COVID. What are the challenges, what are the opportunities, and what lies in store for the future of trade between our two countries? 



Annamarie Sasagawa, Director, Corporate Culture (Global) at Kao Corporation


David Anderson, Managing Director, Alberta-Japan Office

David Brulotte,  Délégué général, Délégation générale du Québec à Tokyo

David T. Perdue, Counsellor (Commercial-Ontario), Embassy of Canada in Tokyo, Japan; Ontario Trade and Investment Office

David Bostwick, Counsellor (Commercial/Trade Policy), Embassy of Canada in Tokyo, Japan


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