David Anderson


Hello CCCJ Members!

My name is David Anderson and I am the CEO of Japan Transfers KK and Principal of Anderson Consulting GK. Prior to these roles I served as the Managing Director of the Alberta Japan Office for 7 years and the Executive Director of the CCCJ for nearly 3 years. Before my time at the Chamber, I spent 5 years working at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Toronto. In short, the last 15 years of my life have been spent promoting the development of commerce between Canada and Japan, which is in fact exactly the mandate of the CCCJ.

Through my experience heading the secretariat of the Chamber, I have an enhanced understanding of the operations of the Chamber and areas where opportunities and challenges exist. As Chair, my goals will be to grow our membership, strengthen our presence and work hard to have a positive impact on Canada-Japan commercial relations. 

Promoting Canada-Japan commercial relations is not only my job, but something I am passionate about. There is tremendous opportunity for growth and development in the bilateral relationship and the CCCJ has a unique and important role to play in helping achieve this. As Chair, I commit to you to work hard to make the Chamber and our community a stronger place.

Very best,