Diverse Workforces and Same-Sex Marriage - Dec. 15th

CCCJ Speaker Series: Diverse Talent Recruitment and Same-Sex Marriage in Japan & Canada

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In 2018, CCCJ was among the first entities to officially endorse the Viewpoint on Marriage Equality, which has since been endorsed by 110 entities. The Global Diversity Management Committee presents Diverse Talent Recruitment and Same-Sex Marriage in Japan & Canada, a webinar and Q&A to follow on the topics of diverse talent recruitment and the present and future status of marriage equality in Canada and Japan. 

This webinar will include bilingual moderation, and speakers presenting in English and Japanese, combined with presentation slides in both languages.

Date: Tuesday, December 15th 12:00 - 13:00 Panel Event

Speakers: Alexander Dmitrenko (LLAN) and Makiko Terahara (Representative Director, Marriage for All Japan)

Moderator: CCCJ Governor and GDM Committee Chair Dr. Jackie F. Steele 


  • The history of same-sex marriage in Canada

  • Impact on the LGBT community and society in Canada

  • The current state of marriage equality in Japan

  • Implications for diverse talent recruitment in Japan

In June 2019, the CCCJ adopted its first Diversity Policy to clearly put forward the importance of these issues to the Japan-Canada relationship and the values of the CCCJ. Consistent with this Policy, the Global Diversity Management Committee will continue to bring together stakeholders from across the Japan-Canada business and trade relationship, as well as from civil society actors, academia, and the greater international chamber network. Our goal is to provide a safe space for learning and sharing of best practices to foster discussions of how to foster greater levels of inclusion and talent mobilization within companies and Japanese society, in light of potential barriers related to gender, race, sexuality, disability and cultural background. 

Increased diversity in corporations have been proven by numerous studies to have higher profits, success, and employee satisfaction. By creating an environment that is supportive of diverse talent, the CCCJ aims to facilitate the growth of competitive edge among leading companies in Japan, while also supporting Japan’s performance as a global, like-minded leader in Asia where diverse talent can flourish and contribute fully. 


Alexander Dmitrenko is co-chair and co-founder of the Lawyers for LGBT and Allies Network.  He began his legal career in Canada in 2000, where he participated in same-sex marriage litigation and LGBT rights activities. He is currently the Head of Asia Sanctions in the Tokyo office of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, where his practice focuses on regulatory and compliance matters. Prior to joining Freshfields, he worked at Debevoise & Plimpton in New York and Sojitz Corporation in Tokyo. Alexander holds a Master of Laws from New York University, University of Toronto and Central European University. He has been admitted to the bar in Russia, the state of New York, and England and Wales.

Makiko Terahara is the Representative Director of Marriage For All Japan and Co-Representative of Tokyo Omotesando LPC. She was previously an in-house lawyer with Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd., and is an Attorney at Law admitted in Japan and New York. She graduated with law credentials from New York University (Master of Laws) and Tokyo University.


Dr. Jackie F. Steele is a trilingual political scientist, author and international speaker. A Japanese politics/policy specialist and permanent resident of Japan, she is sharing expertise in diversity and women's empowerment strategy to support corporations improve their corporate policy ecosystem. As the CEO of enjoi Diversity & Innovation Consulting, Dr. Steele works with diverse leaders in the co-creation of vision, policies and practices that place innovation, diversity, and co-creative competitive edge at the core of global business strategy. 

Please register by Dec. 14th for the webinar and list your industry in the comments box. You will receive a Zoom link prior to the start of the webinar on Dec. 15th. 


CCCJスピーカーシリーズ 日本とカナダにおける多様な人材の採用と同性婚



開催日:12月15日(火)12:00~13:00 12月15日(火)12:00~13:00 パネルイベント

登壇者は アレクサンダー・ドミトレンコ(LLAN)、寺原真希子(Marriage For All Japan代表理事)

モデレーター CCCJ理事、GDM委員会委員長 スティール若希


  • カナダにおける同性婚の歴史

  • カナダのLGBTコミュニティや社会への影響

  • 日本における婚姻平等の現状

  • 日本における多様な人材採用への示唆





CCCJ は、多様な人材が活躍できる環境を整えることで、日本のリーディングカンパニーの競争力の向上を促進するとともに、多様な人材が活躍できるアジアのグローバルリーダーとしての日本のパフォーマンスを支援することを目的としています。





一般社団法人Marriage For All Japan代表理事


1997年に東京大学を卒業後,都内法律事務所勤務(2000-2005年),ニューヨーク大学ロースクール留学(2007年),メリルリンチ日本証券(株)での企業内弁護士(2008-2010年)を経て、2010年より弁護士法人東京表参道法律事務所共同代表,2019年より一般社団法人Marriage For All Japan代表理事。



カナダ出身の筆者、国際スピーカー、政治学者。令和時代の改革を支える目的で日本、enjoi多様性と革新コンサルティングを創設。多文化社会や男女平等の公共政策、女性・LGBTQ・グローバル人材のエンパワーメント戦略、多様性の主流化に関する専門知識を共有し、包括的な企業エコシステムやビジネス戦略を共作。在日カナダ商工会議所(理事)、FEW Japan一般社台法人(共同代表理事)、東京大学の女性大学生の会WomEnpowered International(戦略的アドバイザー)、そしてSheEO Canadaのエンジェル投資家。





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  • December 15 (Tue)
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  • 12:00 ~ 13:00
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