Comparing Audit Committees to Kansayaku Boards

In this seminar, Asia Corporate Governance Association (ACGA) Secretary General Jamie Allen will explain the key points of ACGA’s recent report on this topic, and the conclusions that ACGA reached. Next, Bruce Aronson, Professor of Law at Hitotsubashi ICS, will summarize the findings of a useful survey done by the Kansayaku Kyokai (Japan Audit and Supervisory Board Members Association) to document real-life examples of the role and concrete actions that kansayaku are taking in Japanese companies. In the last phase of the seminar, a panel including experienced directors and kansayaku will make comments on the findings and views expressed, the pros and cons of each system, and ways in which each might be improved. (Panel includes: Sumitaka Fujita, Soichiro Uno, Bruce Aronson, and Nicholas Benes.)  Advance registration is required.  Simultaneous translation into Japanese will be provided, so please bring your Japanese friends, as long as they register in advance.


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Event Details

  • March 06 (Thu)
    Registration Closed
  • 06:00 ~ 08:30

  • 3rd Floor, Kioicho Building, 3-12, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
  • Free
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