2011 Japanese Political Roundup and 2012 Outlook with Post-seminar Networking at Roppongi Hills Club

Join Tokyo's best known and most authoritative foreign born political analyst, Dan Harada, as he summarizes the main developments in the always tumultuous yet rarely straightforward world of Japanese national politics. 2011 began with one Prime Minister, and as is so often the case in Japan, it is ending under the leadership of another. What really happened and why? What is the likely future of Mr. Ozawa? When will the next election be held and what are the possible outcomes? Will Japan really embrace the TPP or are the internal opposing forces just too strong?

Dan Harada will take us behind the headlines to explain what really informs and motivates the political elite of Japan. What interests do the factions represent, who are the key players and their constituents and how does the interaction of these opaque forces produce the often bizarre policy outcomes or indecisiveness that have become the all too depressing hallmarks of Heisei era politics? Dan will summarize the key political developments of 2011 against the backdrop of the nation's most challenging series of disasters since WWII, and will outline some likely scenarios and developments that business leaders should be aware of heading into 2012.

Dan Harada is the founder of Nagatacho Forum, the leading organization providing the foreign community with direct access to political leadership circles in Japan. Raised in Paris, he worked on Wall Street at Smith Barney before becoming assistant to John Pell, trustee of the Pell family trusts and a cousin of Claiborne Pell, who was then chairman of the US Congress House Committee on Foreign Relations. In 1987 he acquired Japanese citizenship and joined the Liberal Democratic Party, where he remains the only foreign born member. He also founded Nagatacho Forum which helps foreign governments and businesses lobby Dan's extensive network of Japanese ministers, committee chairmen and other legislators and leaders.

There will be a post-event networking reception with Dan and invited Diet members at Roppongi Hills Club. Should you wish to only attend the seminar and not the networking reception; please indicate in your registration submission (In Guest Name text box).

Event Details

  • February 02 (Thu)
    Registration Closed
  • 09:30 ~ 13:15
  • TMI Associates, 23rd Floor
    Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower
  • 8,000 yen (members) | 9,000 yen (non-members)
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