Back to the Beginning, Forests and the Future of Japan By C.W. Nicol


C. W. Nicol is a celebrated writer, lecturer and environmentalist who has lived in Kurohime, Nagano, since 1980 having first come to Japan in 1962.

Alarmed at the neglect and outright destruction of Japan’s forests, he began buying adjoining parcels of abused and neglected woodland in 1986, and hiring a local forester to help return the woods to health. In 2002 he donated this land to form the nucleus of The C.W.Nicol Afan Woodland Trust.

The Trust is now actively assisting the city of Higashimatsushima, a community badly ravaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, to relocate and rebuild a school in wooded hillocks at an elevation safe from tsunami.  Mr. Nicol’s strong determination is that these new buildings be made of natural wood rather than the ferro concrete and synthetic materials so often favoured by the Japanese school authorities.  Mr. Nicol’s belief is that such natural buildings are better for the environment, better for the children, and better for the economy since it promotes a use of sustainable forest resources.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan considers the Trust’s Hiashimatsushima project as an exemplary opportunity for CSR and has supported it as a part of the CCCJ’s Tohoku Partnership Initiative launched in February of 2012.

Date: Friday January 25

Time: Registration at 4:30pm, Presentation between 5:00 pm and 6:30pm

Venue: TMI Associates, 23rd Floor Roppongi Hills Mori Tower


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Profile of C.W. Nicol

Born in South Wales, Britain in 1940. Went to Canada at the age of 17. As a marine mammal technician, took part in 12 arctic expeditions. Worked as Game Warden of a wildlife national park in Ethiopia in 1967-68. Also worked as Senior Field Technician, Freshwater Institute, Environment Canada, and Emergency Officer, Environmental Protection Service, B.C. Canada. First came to Japan in the 1960s to study karate. Settled in Japan in 1978 and gained Japanese citizenship in 1995.  Made a Member of the British Empire in 2005


原点に戻って— 森林と日本の将来



1962年に初来日して1980年以来長野県黒姫に居を定めているC.W.ニコル氏は、日本の森林が放置され破壊が進んでいることを憂慮して、1986年以来隣接地域の荒れ果てた里山を購入し、地元の林業専門家を雇って森の再生を進めてきました。2002年に寄付したこの森を中核として設立された「C.W.ニコル・アファンの森財団」は、現在、東松島市の学校を津波から安全な高台の森に移設する活動を推進しており、企業の社会貢献(CSR)の模範的な機会を提供しています。CCCJは、2012年2月に発足した東北パートナーシップ・イニシアチブの一環としてこの  東松島プロジェクトを支援しております。


場所:TMI総合法律事務所           Tel: 03-6438-5511

      港区六本木6-10-1 六本木ヒルズ森タワー23階・24階



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会費:講演会   ESUJ会員2,000円(特別会員・学生会員は1,000円) CCCJ会員2,000円,

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