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CCCJ Hackathon!

Come Join the 1st Hackathon of the Roaring '20's!

Our monthly Hackathon has been waiting for this moment, and it is finally upon us: the time to let go of the 20-teens and soar creatively into the '20's!

For this inaugural 2020 Hackathon, we'll be meeting at the CCCJ's offices in Shinbashi, and will be discussing a wider range of topics than in the last few. So come one, come all, let's get our Hack on!

About the Hackathon

The CCCJ Hackathon is meant to be a place for our members who don’t meet day to day to network, share their thoughts, contribute to committees and have just some fun together.

Following the introductory pow-wow, attendees divide into different committee-focused groups, which tend to change from month to month, and are encouraged to conntribute when they feel like it as well as to explore other committees with no strings attached.

Non-CCCJ members are also welcome to join in on the fun if interested in our committees and organization!

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