Province of Saskatchewan

About Province of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has a wealth of resources that is the envy of nations – agriculture, potash, uranium, oil, as well as a variety of in-demand minerals. With 40 per cent of Canada’s farmable land, the province is the world’s largest exporter of lentils, dried peas, canola, flax and durum wheat. And the world is watching as Saskatchewan achieves technological firsts in crop science, plant protein, agricultural equipment and alternative energies.


The province has set an ambitious plan to leverage these opportunities: Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan is a roadmap to grow and transform the province’s economy in the next 10 years. Japan is an important partner for achieving many of the Growth Plan goals, consistently ranking as one of the province’s top export markets. In 2020, Japan was the third largest market for Saskatchewan exports, accounting for more than $1.23 billion worth of goods. Top exports to Japan included canola, wheat, and barley.


There are also numerous important people-to-people exchanges between Saskatchewan and Japan. Research linkages and student exchanges between Japanese and Saskatchewan post-secondary education institutions contribute toward these close ties. In 2019, Regina and Fujioka signed a Friendship City Agreement. Saskatchewan’s Japan Trade and Investment Office will strengthen these ties and support trade and investment opportunities between Saskatchewan and Japan.

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