CCCJ and Sonia Gungah of the COF at HyLife Pork in Daikanyama on June 6

Tokyo 2020 is fast approaching!  Come join the CCCJ and Sonia Gungah of the COF at HyLife Pork in Daikanyama on June 6 from 19:00 to learn how you can get involved in the Canadian Olympic movement. There is no charge for the event (pay as you go), but please sign up here as space is limited.


About The Canadian Olympic Foundation

The Canadian Olympic Foundation has enabled Canadians, Canadian athletes and their coaches to strive for excellence in sport since 2007. As the only official charitable organization of the Canadian Olympic Committee and Team Canada, we aim to inspire every Canadian to be capable of greatness, through sport and Olympic values.


The Canadian Olympic Foundation empowers Canadians to be an integral part of the Canadian Olympic Movement by directly supporting our current and Next Generation athletes and coaches with the critical funds they need to pursue the podium. We support our athletes at all levels to ensure they receive the top of the line resources including the coaching, training, specialized sport medicine and access to competitions they require to reach their dreams and goals of wearing the maple leaf on their chest, representing Canada at the Olympic Games.


Impact on the Canadian Sport System

Investing in our athletes and coaches on a national level not only impacts the athletes and coaches themselves but it increases the positive impact of sport in every citizen’s life. The roar of cheers heard coast to coast. The feeling of our country coming together in one moment, unified by sport. When Sidney Crosby scored the golden goal in Vancouver 2010, that’s what you are supporting. The movement of bringing all Canadians together for the common good. To enable everyone access to the pride, the glory and the unity created though sport. Your investment in the Canadian Olympic Team allows every Canadian to be a part of the largest National team we have who compete for us on the world stage.  You will be impacting all Canadians and how they feel through their connection to our Olympians.


By investing in the Canadian Olympic Foundation, you ensure that all young Canadians have the opportunity to play for our country. Funding our next generation of Team Canada provides young athletes the chance to live their Olympic dreams. It creates a solid and continuous pipeline to the podium so we can continue our world-renowned success on the international stage. We are proud to stand by them and support them as they carve their way to success.


Opportunities available at the Tokyo 2020 Games

As Team Canada begins their journey towards qualifications for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, the Canadian Olympic Foundation is creating avenues for donors to be a part of the journey.


There is no better time for a donor to feel recognized for their support than being at the Games, at Canada Olympic House standing next to our athletes. For the first time ever, the Canadian Olympic Foundation is hosting a group of donors during the Games, offering VIP access to Canada Olympic House, tickets to sporting events, Team Canada gear and personal tours of Team Canada’s performance centre. Our very own games hospitality program, Kin-Gin-Do was created to allow Canadians to support the Federal Government’s Next Gen matching program where every dollar raised for our next generation of athletes will be doubled.

Event Details

  • June 06 (Thu)
    Registration Closed
  • 19:00 ~ 21:00
  • Hylife pork Daikanyama
  • Pay as you go
Registration is Closed