Open Reconstruction In Tohoku: How Foreigners Can Get Involved

The events of March 11 have devastated the Tohoku Region, but the people are determined to reconstruct and revitalize their communities. Can foreign affiliated firms play a significant role in the new Japan that will evolve through, for example, the establishment of special economic zones and other measures? Potential investors would like to know what the blueprint for reconstruction will look like and when it will be fully implemented. What sorts of new opportunities will emerge? What standards will be applied to foreign investors, and what new avenues might there be for unique partnerships? How are the national, prefectural and local governments coordinating their efforts?

The panel, comprised of the following panelists and moderator, intends to answer these questions and others in a Town Hall format:

The Honorable Hisashi Goto, Vice Minister, Ministry of Reconstruction
The Honorable Yoshihiro Murai, Governor of Miyagi Prefecture
The Honorable Emiko Okuyama, Mayor of Sendai City

Arthur M. Mitchell, Chair, ACCJ Government Relations Committee

Due to the tight schedules of the panelists, lunch will begin promptly at 11:45 am and the program will commence at 12:15 pm, followed by a networking session from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Arthur M. Mitchell, Chair
Michael Allen and Nathaniel Graddy, Vice Chairs
Government Relations Committee

Jon Kushner and Jay Ponazecki, Co-Chairs
Tohoku Revitalization Task Force

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