Canadian Election Live - Lunch-time Cash Bar

Canadian Election Live - Lunch-time Cash Bar 

Join the CCCJ at the Hobgoblin on October 20th (11:00am) to watch live election results and talk about the 2015 Canadian Federal Election 

The 2015 Canadian federal election (formally the 42nd Canadian general election) will be held on October 19, 2015 (October 20th, JST) to elect members to the House of Commons of Canada. And with just days left as the election moves into the final stretch, it looks as though this race will be a very close one. As a matter of fact, if the election happened today, October 12th (Eastern Daylight Time), The Globe and Mail’s Election Forecast has the Liberals pegged at having a 51% chance of  taking the most seats, just one percentage point above the conservatives at 50%.

Globe and Mail Election Forecast at Oct 12, 2015 

notes: 1)updated Monday October 12, 2015; 2)The color bar represents the range of probable seat totals.

In response to strong demand from CCCJ members for an election event of some kind, our governors have kindly organized a venue in Roppongi to host a low cost viewing party, open to any member or interested individual.

Event Details:

  • Date: Tuesday October 20th, 2015
  • Time: 11:00 am
  • Venue: the Hobgoblin, Shibuya
  • Cost: No entry charge; cash-bar drinks and snacks available for sale
  • Event registration/confirmation: Please confirm your attendance by e-mail to admin [at] with the following subject line "10/20/15 event confirmation"

Join CCCJ members and friends for what promises to be an exciting lunch-time opportunity to discuss the 2015 Canadian General Election.



Event Details

  • October 20 (Tue)
    Registration Closed
  • Come and go at your convenience/availability
  • HOBGOBLIN Shibuya
    HOBGOBLIN Shibuya
  • No entry charge; cash-bar drinks and snacks
Registration is Closed