Immigration And Economic Revitalization In Japan

Immigration policies will play a central role in the revitalization and growth of Japan's economy. Please join us at the special event with the chairman of the Japan Research Institute, Mr. Kazuo Noda and the executive director of the Japan Immigration Policy Institute, Mr. Hidenori Sakanaka on harnessing Japan's immigration policies to revitalize the Japanese economy.

Mr. Noda is an expert in organizational management known for translating and introducing the management theory of Peter Drucker in Japan. Mr. Noda served as professor of sociology at Rikkyo University and is the founder and former president of Tama University and Miyagi University. In addition, Mr. Noda serves as the chairman of the Japan Federation of Executive Organization (Zenkeiren), a non-profit organization providing support to small and medium-size venture companies.

As an expert in Japan's immigration system and laws, Mr. Sakanaka served as the chief of entry and residence and chief of both the Nagoya and Tokyo immigration bureaus. Mr. Sakanaka is active in policy circles for the realization of a more open, multi-ethnic Japan and is the author of several publications on Japan immigration policy, including "Towards a Japanese-style Immigration Nation". Mr. Sakanaka also serves as executive director of the Humanitarian Immigrant Support Centre, an organization that assists asylum seekers and refugees with settlement in Japan. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Migration.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear about exciting, forward-thinking proposals for harnessing Japan's immigration policies to revitalize the Japanese economy. Please note that this event will be limited to 25 attendees, and that parts, or much, of the discussion may be in Japanese.

MAIN ORGANIZER: The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION: The Canadinan Chamber of Commerce in Japan

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