Livestream Panel: Navigating the Olympics, Canada-Japan Diplomacy, and Business in a Post-Pandemic World

Discussing the Post-Pandemic Future

On March 23, the Canadian Olympic Committee dropped out of Tokyo 2020, one day ahead of the ultimate decision to reschedule. This can be seen as a metaphor for these uncertain times and the implications for international relations, business, and self-preservation. Will we see a return to normalcy in time for Tokyo 2021?

Besides having no Games to look forward to, when next will we see a bilateral summit between PMs Trudeau and Abe? It's not as if there are not enough diplomatic issues to discuss, such as Canada and Japan's movement to seek observer status for Taiwan at the World Health Organisation. However, at the same time, both leaders face the constant reality of pressing issues on the home front.

All of these and more issues set the stage for questions that affect day-to-day operations for our members doing business in Japan. As Japan's state of emergency is lifted, how can businesses plan for the path ahead? What’s next for Japan-Canada and other international relations? Join us for a live-streamed panel with crisis communication specialist David Wagner and global diplomacy expert Dr. Nancy Snow.

Event Info:

How have PM Abe and PM Trudeau handled COVID-19 as leaders? What are the diplomatic implications now that in-person bilateral meetings and multilateral summits are indefinitely postponed? In this free live event, we will throw away the talking points and get right down to frank discussion of the current situation and analyze how this crisis is likely to affect international relations.

This panel will also focus on key takeaways for companies doing business in Japan, including how the crisis is likely to affect future operations & corporate culture, and how companies should start planning for what(ever) happens next.

This session will also include a live Q&A session. Please join us for an interactive evening!

Please submit questions prior to the event or via the chat function during the webinar.

*This event is off-the-record and closed to the media.


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  • May 27 (Wed)
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  • 17:30
  • Free
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