Is Food In Japan Really Safe?

Following the nuclear accident in Fukushima, there has been great concern throughout Japan on food safety. The issue of food safety is highly charged, and there are many conflicting sources of information,
not all of which has been correct. As consumers, we have a right to know. Is food in Japan really safe?

There will be two independent nuclear experts presented, Dr. Wade Allison of Oxford University (Author of "Radiation and Reason") and Dr. Akira Tokuhiro of the University of Idaho (Professor of Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering).

Key questions they will address include:
- What are the chances of the food chain being contaminated?
- How much food is actually tested before it reaches the distribution chain?
- How reliable are the tests and how are they conducted?
- How much radiation (if consumed) is tolerated by the human body?
- Why are only Iodine 131 and Cesium 134/137 cited in most testing results?
- Does the human body recover from a radiation dose? How effectively and how quickly?
- Are internal doses (like Iodine and Cesium) more or less harmful than external doses (like X-rays and gamma rays)?

Mr. Noriyuki Shikata, Director of Global Communications, in the Prime Minister's Office, will attend.

5:30-7:00: Speeches and Q&A, 7:00-8:00: Networking

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