Emergence as a Global Energy Superpower

Whether it's oil, natural gas or clean technologies, Canada is emerging as a global energy superpower. On the one hand, our abundant natural resources can contribute to Japan's energy security and on the other, they offer investment opportunities that can generate economic growth in both our countries. Canada is one of the rare countries around the world that enjoys both a strong commodity sector and a modern industrial base. These attributes, coupled with sound governance and strong economic fundamentals, make Canada a safe and reliable market-based supplier of energy.

Speakers' profile:
Joe Oliver was elected to the House of Commons for the first time in May 2011.He was appointed Minister of Natural Resources on May 18, 2011.
Prior to his election to Parliament, Mr. Oliver had a career in the investment banking industry. He began his investment banking career at Merrill Lynch, and served in senior positions at other investment dealers and as Executive Director of the Ontario Securities Commission. He was then appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada. He also played a prominent role as Chair of the Advisory Committee of the International Council of Securities Associations and as Chair of the Consultative Committee of the International Association of Securities Commissions.
A graduate of the Directors Education Program at the Rotman School of Management, he was also a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators and sat on the board of the Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation.
Mr. Oliver is an active member of his community and volunteers for various charities in Canada and abroad. He served as Chair of the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada for four years and continues to be an active volunteer at Mount Sinai Hospital.
Mr. Oliver obtained both his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Civil Law at McGill University. He was called to the Quebec Bar and later graduated with an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.

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