AIU Seminar: Mental Health Measures Required for Companies

The CCCJ is pleased to announce that AIU Insurance Company has just joined the Chamber as a Corporate Sustaining Member.

Starting business as a general insurance company in Japan in 1946, AIU Insurance Company, Japan Branch has locally incorporated and started business as AIU Insurance Company, Ltd. as of April 1, 2013. AIU will continue to use AIG's worldwide network and overseas market experience, as well as its long proven track record in Japan, to provide customers with reliable insurance products and services.

Going forward, the CCCJ and AIU intend to work together to provide Chamber members access to specialized information sessions and seminars, the first of these being a seminar on Mental Health Measures now required for companies

Seminar details: 

Mental Health Measures Required for Companies:

In 2014, the number of cases insured by the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (労災) was the highest in the history; more and more workers reported cases of mental illnesses, including depression due to tremendous stress caused by work environment, harassment by colleagues as well as overwork. The reason for this trend may be that more people are realizing that mental illnesses or harm done by work related stresses can be insured by the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance while recognition standards of this insurance also became clearer and more concreate. Moreover, from this December, based on the revised Occupational Safety and Health Act, a practice called “stress check” will be required for businesses with over 50 employees, and more proactive measures on workers’ healthy minds will be required for all companies.

In the first session of this seminar, the lecturer who is an industrial physician will explain practical points on prevention and countermeasures of mental health issues. In the second session, the second speaker will comment on possible health promotion plans that companies can adopt in order to protect workers’ physical and mental health by improving work environment. This seminar will be a useful learning chance for many companies, so please do not miss this seminar.


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