2015 North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”)/Pacific Regional Public Private Partnership (‘P3’) Update

“2015 North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”)/Pacific Regional Public Private Partnership ‘P3’ Update” 

On October 6, 2015, the Embassies of Canada, Mexico and the United States, in partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, will hold a conference on P3 Opportunities in the NAFTA Region.

Event Details:

  • Date: October 6th, 2015
  • Time: Seminar (Doors open at 09:00; Session 1 - 09:30-12:00, session 2 - 13:00 to 17:40); Reception (18:00 to 20:00)
  • Venue: Embassy of Canada to Japan
  • Cost: Complimentary thanks to our generous sponsors
  • Language: Japanese and English (simultaneous translation available)
  • Registration deadline: October 1st, 2015; check registration details below
  • Please kindly bring your photo ID with you which may be requested to be produced at the Embassy’s guard’s station for security purpose

About The 2015 P3 Update:

In May of 2014, the CCCJ, in cooperation with the Embassies of Canada and the United States hosted a conference initiative on the topic of public private partnerships (‘P3’) attended by over 250 Japanese, Canadian and American firms.  The 2015 P3 Update will be an opportunity to discuss, the ongoing development of P3 in the NAFTA region, Japan as well as the booming need for investment in infrastructure projects throughout Asia. For Japanese investors the need for P3 translates to opportunities – both domestic and international.

Interest in overseas P3 opportunities is growing amongst Japanese investors, driven by anticipated returns which are greater than those realized in Japan. At a time when Japanese pension funds are targeting higher yields by diversifying their investments in order to accommodate an aging population, P3s are offering long-term, low risk, and steady returns on investments.

In North America the relatively higher ROI on P3 projects for equity investors (starting in the mid to high single digits) in mature and expanding markets – like Canada, the US and Mexico – is making overseas investments even more attractive to Japanese investors. In combination with the generally double or triple ‘A’ ratings of most state governments, all of this peaks the interest of the 2,000+ Japanese pension funds which by most observer’s guestimates control more than US$ 2.5 trillion in deployable assets.

Asia’s ongoing infrastructure requirements are expected to reach USD $800 billion per year by 2020. Increasing interest in P3 as a means of meeting those needs is emerging in countries such as Vietnam and elsewhere, as governments look to benefit from such practices. While the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank continue to provide funds for Asia’s massive infrastructure needs, the newly established Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank is set to lend USD $ 100 billion by the end of Q4 2015. The Japanese government, for its part, has announced that it will provide USD $110 billion for Asian infrastructure projects.

At this conference, P3 experts from both the public and private sectors will discuss the current state of Public-Private Partnerships (“P3s”) in Japan, North America (Canada, the U.S. and Mexico) and Asia, and the opportunities and challenges these present to investors.  Japanese institutional investors In particular, have strongly requested that every effort will be made to present actual P3 investment opportunities from NAFTA nations .  We are therefore expecting to present those opportunities either directly from the relevant NAFTA public authority or via professionals in the EPC or advisory roles.

In Japan the private financing of public infrastructure is referred to as ‘PFI’ or ‘PPP’ The Japanese variant of P3s as in most other advanced economies, has gained substantial acceptance as a leading means to finance, off the public books, the rebuilding and maintenance of aging infrastructure and the creation of new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, hospitals, schools, municipal buildings, water and waste water systems which this country must have to support future, sustainable growth. On October 06, the PPP/PFI Association of Japan will present an outline of the present and future of this finance tool including some examples of the expansion of the application of it to match the surge in tourism in this country accompanying the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympics.

Check back here regularly for program updates - Link to 2015 ‘P3’ Update program 

Who should attend this event?

The CCCJ will widely publicize this event to Japanese institutional investors such as pension funds, banks and trust banks and other financial institutions and  corporate investors, through direct mailings and through trade journals and direct contact. Therefore, Canadian, American, and other global P3 players in engineering procurement, construction, finance, and consulting should plan  to attend the 2015 P3 conference. Additionally, with public authorities eager to attract Japanese institutional investors to their projects in their jurisdictions, should also plan to attend this special event.  As mentioned earlier, please everyone bring or send on ahead, your deck of P3 projects either about to or presently in your pipeline of deals.


「2015 北米自由貿易協定(NAFTA)/太平洋域 パブリック・ブライベート・パートナーシップ「P3」の最新状況」



  • 開催日:2015年10月6日(火)
  • 時刻: セミナー (受付:午前9時~、セッション1 :午前9時30分~12時, セッション2 :午後13時~17時40分); レセプション (午後18時~20時)
  • 会場: 在日カナダ大使館
  • 入場料:無料
  • 言語:日本語、英語(同時通訳あり)
  • 申込締切:2015年10月1日 (下記申込方法をご確認ください)
  • セキュリティーの都合上、入館の際写真付身分証明書の提示を求められる場合がございますのでご持参頂きますようお願い申し上げます




北米 では、エクイティ投資家が、P3事業から比較的高い投資収益率(1桁台半ばから後半)を得、カナダや米国、メキシコ同様、市場も拡大していることから、日本の投資家には、海外投資が一段と魅力的なものとなっています。 大半の州政府は、信用格付AA若しくはAAAであることと相まって、2.5兆米ドル以上の展張可能な資産を有するとみられている約2千社以上の日本の年金基金の高い関心を集めています。








THEME 1 - Introductory Remarks and Overview of P3 and PFI

  • Presentation: “Why P3: An Overview of P3 and its benefits for Japanese Investors in the North American market” – Wilf Wakely, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan Chairman (simultaneous interpretation, 20 mins)
  • Presentation: “The Japanese PFI Models and the Possibility for Future Change” – Kazuo Ueda, President, Japan PPP/PFI Association (simultaneous interpretation, 25 mins)

THEME 2 – P3 Opportunities in North America

  • Presentation: “Accessing the Canadian Market” – Jay LeMoine, Bull Housser Tupper LLP (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 20 mins) [EN] [JP]
  • Presentation: “US P3 Markets on the March and Upcoming Opportunities” – Norman Anderson, CG-LA (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 30 mins)
  • Panel Discussion: “The View from Practitioners” – including Norman Anderson and Kevin Felz, Hunton & Williams LLP (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 30 mins)
  • Presentation: “Public Private Partnership Alternatives for the Development of Infrastructure” – Miguel Donovan, Currie & Brown (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 30 mins) [EN]

THEME 3 – Experiences in Investing in P3

  • Presentation: “Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships in Canada” – Blair Cowper-Smith, OMERS (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 30 mins) [EN] [JP]
  • Presentation: “Recent Developments of PPP/PFI in Japan” – Yoshikazu Noma, TMI & Associates (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 20 mins) [JP]
  • Presentation: "The Expanding World of Overseas PPP: New Opportunities for Japanese Investors/Participants" – Scott Kraag, Torys LLP (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 20 mins) [EN] 

THEME 4 – Experiences from Asia

  • Presentation: “The Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport and Urban Development (JOIN) and its involvement in P3 abroad” – Masahiro Imajo, JOIN (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 30 mins) [EN] [JP]
  • Presentation: “Project and Finance Schemes for High-Speed Rail Projects” – Torkel Patterson, International High Speed Rail Association (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 30 mins) [EN] 
  • Presentation: “An Overview of ADB's Approach to PPP's” – Adrian Torres, Asia Development Bank (simultaneous interpretation, Q&A included, 30 mins) [EN] 


invitation to follow up seminar on the 8th

Event Details

  • October 06 (Tue)
    Registration Closed
  • 00:00 ~ 11:00
  • Embassy of Canada to Japan
    7-3-38 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-8503, Japan
  • Free
Registration is Closed