Upcoming Events

DTI "International Board Member" Course

  • February 24 (Fri) to February 25 (Sat) Registration Closed
  • 01:00 ~ 09:00
  • Offices of LexisNexis Japan
  • See website

Co-sponsor:  LexisNexis Japan
Supporters: Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Enterprise Risk Services



The Board Director Training Institute of Japan - "Will the MOJ's Proposal Really Improve Corporate Governance?"

  • February 06 (Mon) Registration Closed
  • 07:00 ~ 09:00
  • Offices of GCA Savvian
  • Free

Master of Ceremonies: Kenichi Osugi, Professor at Chuo Law School
Speaker:   Professor Wataru Tanaka of Tokyo University (a member of the MOJ Company Law Subcommittee)
Panelists:  Akihiro Watanabe, Representative Director of GCA Savvian
Nicholas Benes, Representative Director of the Board Director Training Institute of Japan          

Attendance is free, but this is also an optional fund-raising event for "the willing". 

2011 Japanese Political Roundup and 2012 Outlook with Post-seminar Networking at Roppongi Hills Club

Join Tokyo's best known and most authoritative foreign born political analyst, Dan Harada, as he summarizes the main developments in the always tumultuous yet rarely straightforward world of Japanese national politics. 2011 began with one Prime Minister, and as is so often the case in Japan, it is ending under the leadership of another. What really happened and why? What is the likely future of Mr. Ozawa? When will the next election be held and what are the possible outcomes? Will Japan really embrace the TPP or are the internal opposing forces just too strong?

McGill Japan Forum: Entrepreneurship

  • February 01 (Wed) Registration Closed
  • 09:30 ~ 12:00
  • Hiltopia Gallery
  • 6,000 yen (members and guests)

he McGill MBA Japan program of the Desautels Faculty of Management invites you to attend the first McGill Japan Forum, on Wednesday February 1st, 2012.

McGill Japan Forum is a series of panel discussions organized by the McGill MBA Japan program and it will serve as an open venue for exchange between many members of the McGill community in Japan, and broader business community. This will be a chance to gain insights, ideas, and shared wisdom from leaders in their fields.

McGill Japan Forum #1


Shinnenkai – The year of Dragon

  • January 26 (Thu) Registration Closed
  • 10:00 ~ 12:00
  • Oakwood Premier
  • 3,000 yen (member)

The CCCJ will be holding its Shinnenkai bringing in 2012; the year of the dragon on January 26th, 2012 at the Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown. Come join CCCJ Members and their guests for a fun night in a friendly, social environment offered at a very reasonable price.

Mark your calendars, contact your guests and register early for what promises to be another enjoyable night with the Canada-Japan business community!

CCCJ Luncheon with Canada’s Parliamentary Secretary for Asia-Pacific, Deepak Obhrai.

In Japan to meet with Japanese businesses, academics and government officials as well as to collect information on the challenges and opportunities facing Canadian businesses in Japan; Canada’s Parliamentary Secretary for Asia-Pacific Deepak Obhrai will present to CCCJ Members on the importance of Japan to the Government of Canada’s Global Commerce Strategy. Following the presentation, there will be a roundtable discussion providing an opportunity for participants to voice their input to the Parliamentary Secretary on this fact-finding mission.

Annual Joint Chamber Bonenkai

The time is once again upon us to announce one of the most popular Joint-Chamber functions of the year!

Annually attracting over 300 guests, the Joint-Chamber Bonenkai continues to offer an excellent opportunity to meet new contacts, develop business leads, and catch up with friends and business acquaintances over a fine spread of food and beverages accompanied by some festive music. Held at the Embassy of Canada, this popular social networking event bringing the international business community together is not one to be missed!

The CCCJ Town Hall Meeting

On Friday, December 16 immediately prior to the Joint-Chamber Bonenkai being held at the Embassy of Canada, the CCCJ will be holding a Town Hall Meeting of CCCJ Members. The purpose of the Town Hall Meeting is to hear directly from Members and create discussion on how the Chamber can best represent Members’ interests, while carrying out the mandate of the CCCJ. The Board of Governors of the CCCJ, as well as the various Committee heads will be present to discuss their initiatives with hopes of gaining feedback from CCCJ Membership.

BDTI 's Two-Day “ Director Training” Course (Event in Japanese Only)

  • December 10 (Sat) to December 12 (Mon) Registration Closed
  • 23:30 ~ 09:00
  • White & Case LLP
  • See details from link below

(b) BDTI 's   Two-Day  “ Director  Training” Course  
(Co-sponsors: Westlaw Japan, Thomson Reuters, Supporters: White & Case LLP, The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a major auditing firm)
Instructors (subject to possible change):

Japan Reconstruction and PPP- Challenges and the Way Forward

Almost 9 months have passed since the Tohoku disaster. Since then, local governments and residents of the Tsunami affected region have been working restlessly, cleaning debris, restoring agricultural land and planning reconstruction. Decontamination of the land is progressing but reconstruction in the devastated area has yet to begin in earnest.

Open Reconstruction In Tohoku: How Foreigners Can Get Involved

The events of March 11 have devastated the Tohoku Region, but the people are determined to reconstruct and revitalize their communities. Can foreign affiliated firms play a significant role in the new Japan that will evolve through, for example, the establishment of special economic zones and other measures? Potential investors would like to know what the blueprint for reconstruction will look like and when it will be fully implemented. What sorts of new opportunities will emerge?

Seminar : Proxy Voting by the Large Shareholders of Japanese Companies, and ISS

  • November 28 (Mon) Registration Closed
  • 06:30 ~ 11:00
  • TMI Associates, Seminar room 22F
  • Follow link below

The Board Director Training Institute of Japan  (BDTI) will soon offer: (a) a seminar  on 11/28 by the ISS man in charge of proxy voting policy for Japan next year, with commentary on recent events by the Mr. Matsuzaki  of the TSE's listing division, and information on recent trends about foreign and large investors, and (b)  its first full "director training" course on 12/11 and 12/12.