Special Monthly Mixer -- Meet the Candidates

On Thursday, May 11th, the CCCJ hosted the Special Monthly Mixer – Meet the Candidates at Midtown BBQ Tokyo in Iidabashi. Organized by Ai Nakagawa and Gordon Hatton, co-chairs of the Nominations Committee, over 25 participants joined the evening to meet with the candidates of the 2023 CCCJ Board of Governors and to network with the members and their colleagues over a fine spread of buffet course and cold beverages prepared by Midtown BBQ Tokyo.

Led by Ai Nakagawa, each candidate for the position of Chair, Vice-Chair and Governors who attended the event gave a brief speech to share what they aspire to bring as leaders of the Chamber and what they wish to achieve should they be elected. It was a great opportunity for the participants to meet with the candidates in person and get to know them on a social level before the election. 

Many thanks to all participants for their active involvement with the CCCJ. We look forward to seeing all members at the Annual General Meeting (and post AGM party) on Friday, June 16th.

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