Energy Opportunity in the “Land of Living Skies”

Energy Opportunity in the “Land of Living Skies”: A Primer on Booming Saskatchewan. Luncheon with Saskatchewan Minister of Energy and Resources, the Honourable Bill Boyd

On March 28th, Saskatchewan Minister of Energy and Resources, Honourable Bill Boyd, spoke to a wide range of mainly Japanese corporations interested in investing in Saskatchewan. He spoke about the numerous advancements Saskatchewan has made in regards to energy commodities, aiming to promote Saskatchewan's vast energy potential. Furthermore, he spoke to Saskatchewan's interests of fulfilling the food and energy needs of the Asia Pacific, particularly in Japan. Promoting the recent launching of EPA bilateral negotiations, Minister Boyd congratulated the government of Canada and the CCCJ on their efforts in the initiative. 

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Saskatchewan has long been known as a major agricultural producer, shipping its wheat, canola and lentils worldwide. But these days, images of oil derricks and potash mines define Saskatchewan as much as pictures of waving wheat fields. Saskatchewan has quietly become an energy powerhouse, with strengths in oil, natural gas, coal and a diverse array of minerals. The province is the world’s largest producer of potash and the world’s second largest producer of uranium. And more and more investors are taking notice of the resource riches that Saskatchewan offers.