The Canadian Chamber of Commerce releases Advancing our economic ties with China

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce releases Advancing our economic ties with China: Three priorities for Canadian business.

While the United States will remain Canada’s top economic partner, its tempered growth has made more Canadian companies realize they should diversify their trade and investment, and many companies are now looking to do business with Asia.
The rapid, ongoing growth witnessed in China and the rest of Asia is part of a pivotal transformation in the global political and economic landscape. That transformation represents both opportunities and challenges Canada cannot afford to ignore.

There are opportunities for Canadian businesses to provide China with the goods and services it requires to sustain its own development. These include energy, raw materials, food, financial and engineeringservices, aerospace and transportation, and higher education. There are opportunities to plug into value chains—to provide expertise and business services to multinationals involved in trade and investment between the United States and China, China and India, China and Brazil, and so forth. Then, there
are untapped opportunities to draw investment to Canada and to invest in China; of course, there are barriers in both countries that must be removed in order to open access to those opportunities and build a partnership of shared growth and prosperity.

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