Canadian Energy Round-up ・カナダエネルギー・ラウンドアップ

November 21, 2014

Canadian Energy Round-up ・カナダエネルギー・ラウンドアップ
Tuesday November 25th, 2014@ TMI Associates

“Canadian Energy Round-up" On November 25th the CCCJ will hold a special afternoon conference dealing with current issues in Canadian Energy, with a focus on LNG to be attended by most of the major energy importers and suppliers in Japan.  Full details are included in the program and at the following link to our CCCJ website:

Members of the press are most welcome however we would ask that you register as press at the following mail address admin [at]

The event will feature expert speakers on the industry in general, the First Nations’ role in it and the impact of expected announcements regarding British Columbia’s new LNG income tax to be applied to income from liquefaction of natural gas at LNG facilities in B.C.

In addition, members of the press will find that speakers from Canada will present on new technologies for transportation and storage of LNG throughout North America and elsewhere where LNG pipelines do not exist and to meet the huge demand for the conversion of locomotives, shipping, trucks and local small scale power plants from diesel-type fuels to the vastly cheaper and abundant Liquid Natural Gas.

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