Nakatani Yoshio

Yoshio Nakatani



Born: 1941, Kyoto
Nationality: Japanese
Family: Wife and two sons, and one Grandson
Likes: Cooking, Eating, Drinking


Kyoto University, 1964

Career History

1964 Joined Toyota Motor Sales Company*
The company became Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in 1982 by amalgamation.
1985 Executive Assistant to President of Toyota Canada Incorporated (TCI)
1991 General Manager for Americas Operations, TMC Tokyo
1995 TCI President, Canada
2003 Retired from TMC to become Senior Managing Director of Japan Automotive Recycling Promotion Center (JARC)
2007 Resigned from JARC after inaugurated the new Automotive Recycling System in Japan
2007 President of Japan Operations, Woodbridge Foam Corporation (WFC)
2012 Retired from WFC, June

Special Activities

2001 Speech delivered to CCCJ on theme of Free trade between Canada and Japan
2002 Recipient of Special Citation from the Canadian Government as appreciation for contribution to deepening the understanding between two nations