Dr. Stephen Nagy

Senior Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies at
International Christian University


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Stephen was selected as a Distinguished Fellow for the Asia Pacific Foundation, Canada in December 2017. Concurrently, Stephen is a Senior Associate Professor in March 2017 and works at the Department of Politics and International Studies at the International Christian University since September 2014. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong from Dec. 2009 -Jan. 2014. He obtained his PhD from Waseda University, Japan in International Relations in Dec. 2008 and worked as a Research Associate at the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies at Waseda University from Oct. 2007 -Nov. 2009.

His recent funded research projects are “Sino-Japanese Relations in the Wake of the 2012 Territorial Disputes: Investigating changes in Japanese Business’ trade and investment strategy in China”, and “Perceptions and drivers of Chinese view on Japanese and US Foreign Policy in the Region”. He is currently working on middle power approaches to great power competition in the Indo-Pacific.

Stephen provides macro-level geopolitical analysis on trends in the region to businesses, governments and the media. He has published widely in peer-reviewed international journals such as China Perspectives, East Asia, the Journal of Asian Politics and History and the International Studies Review on topics related to trade, nationalism and China-Japan relations. He has also published in think tank and commercial outlets such as the China Economic Quarterly and the World Commerce Review on trade and political risk. In addition to writing in media and policy forms outlets in Japanese and English such as Diamond OnLine, SCMP, the East Asian Forum and Policy-net on issues facing the region, Dr. Stephen R. Nagy is a frequent political/economic and security commentator on Japan-China-Korea-US relations in Japanese and international media outlet such as the New York Times, BBC, CNN, SCMP, The Japan Times, The National Post, cNBC, Al Jazeera, Channel News Asia, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, etc. 

Contact information: upon request from the CCCJ office at info [at] cccj.or.jp