Dr. Jackie F. Steele

Lecturer at Sophia University
CEO, enjoi Japan K.K.


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Dr. Jackie F. Steele (PhD) is a trilingual political scientist, author, international speaker, and permanent resident of Japan resident with expertise in risk governance, evidence-based public policy, Gender Based Analysis+, women’s representation and diversity in politics/parliaments, and diversity mainstreaming strategy for organizations. Dr. Steele has taught in English, French and Japanese at leading universities in Japan and Canada, remains active in international political science, and spent 6 rewarding years as Associate Professor, and concurrently the Managing Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Social Science Japan Journal published by Oxford University Press and the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. 

Dr. Steele is CEO of enjoi Japan K.K.. In her practitioner-consultant role, she supports seniors leaders in Japan with high level D&I business strategies on diverse talent mobilization and cutting edge corporate policy designs that drive innovation, competitive edge and inclusive corporate cultures. She curates and convenes the enjoi D&I thought partner network with 100+ leaders in Japan/APAC who share commitments to diversity, inclusion, women’s leadership, and non-hierarchical sharing of diverse expertise. 

An Activator (angel investor) with SheEO Canada investing in women-led ventures, Dr. Steele is also a Governor with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, serves as Representative co-Director of FEW Japan Incorporate Association, and is Vice President of the Chikuma International Exchange Association in rural Nagano. She teaches “Diversity and Disaster Risk Governance” in the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University and is a Research Fellow at ICU. 


Areas of expertise

  • Women’s empowerment (gender/diversity gaps) in elite decision-making: corporate boards of governance, workplaces, political parties, comparative parliaments worldwide

  • Effective gender quota design, GBA+ and diversity mainstreaming in public policy

  • Disaster risk governance, Japanese women’s leadership in post-disaster Tohoku 

  • Innovation, diversity, and democratic inclusion in Japan/Canada: diverse citizenship and intersectionality: race, gender, foreign talent, LGBTQ inclusion, persons with disabilities


Contact information: upon request from the CCCJ office at info [at] cccj.or.jp