Recommended Resources for Online Continuity of Student Learning During COVID-19 

Submitted by Riyo Whitney, Principal, Bunka Suginami Canadian International School (BSCIS), and CCCJ Governor

It’s a particularly challenging time to continue schooling at home while we all do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. There are certainly plenty of websites to keep children busy on the Internet, but are they educational? Here are some educator-approved sites, focusing on Canadian content. 

Since the parents of younger children have called out for help the loudest, the online resources below are primarily for elementary school students, but you'll find plenty of resources for secondary school students on the websites, too. Enjoy teaching and learning together with your children!

Top Recommendations

These sites have further links to many, many, useful sites.

Digital Literacy

Suggested Activities by Various School Districts

Why these districts? Because I’ve worked in these districts! 

Additional Recommendations

The following sites are fee-based services but used in many BC schools. I have also included websites of educators that I highly respect, and resourceful pages developed by some school districts— they have some free downloads.

Various Topics

  • Abbotsford School District (Go over this site carefully as there are many links to “game-like” learning sites. Many have free access or “sample")



First Nations/Aboriginal