Remote Work: Progressive implementation of remote working systems shows positive impact on attracting and retaining talent

On 6 April, specialist professional recruitment firm Robert Walters Japan, a CCCJ Corporate Member, announced the results of their latest survey* conducted on global professionals. (*See “Reference” at end for survey data details)

There has been a shift to returning to the office for companies in Japan due to concerns about reduced productivity from remote working, difficulties in establishing smooth communication and concerns about information management and security from the perspective of attracting and retaining talent. However, results from the survey show that a remote working system, a scheme that allows employees to live anywhere in the country and does not place any conditions on where they live, is an effective tool for allowing employees to choose where they work depending on their individual needs from the perspective of attracting and retaining talent by giving more freedom in choosing their work environment and location.

To learn more, read the report attached below.