“Sustaining intersectionality” - a key driver to bolster company culture?

Specialist professional recruitment firm Robert Walters Japan, a CCCJ Corporate Member, revealed findings from its "Salary Survey 2023" on 15 February, suggesting companies should delve into countering the demotivators that employees are grappling with as they consider a new career move. In addition to “to increase my salary” and “to progress my career” both at 51%, “time for a change and do something new” (39%) & “poor company culture” (27%) also ranked among the top reasons why employees surveyed are not satisfied and lack creativity and stimulation at work, leading them to seek new opportunities.

To learn more, read the report here: English version and Japanese version

PDF documents of the latest press release ''Sustaining intersectionality - a key driver to bolster company culture?'' can also be viewed below.