Canada Wood opens library in Miyagi Prefecture

Canada Wood Announces Inauguration and Groundbreaking of First Two Projects forCA$4.5 Million Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project in Miyagi Prefecture

Announcing formal request for proposals for second phase of projects

Tokyo, January 18, 2013 –The Canada Wood Group, a non-profit organization representing the Canadian forest industry overseas, today held ceremonies commemorating the inauguration of the Donguri Anne Public Library in Natori City, and the groundbreaking of the Yuriage Public Market, in Miyagi Prefecture.  The events commemorated the first and second projects executed under the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project.  In addition, today’s events announced the formal request for proposals for the second phase of projects to be completed in Tohoku, by the Canada Wood Group.

The Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project is an initiative undertaken by the Canada Wood Group in cooperation with the Federal Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, Province of Alberta and Canada’s forest products industry, as part of support efforts for the reconstruction of the Tohoku area following the Great East Japan Earthquake. A total of CA$4.5 million has contributed for the construction of wooden public facilities in the disaster-struck areas. About half of the contributions were donated to the two projects, which represent the first of a series of Canada-Tohoku projects to be executed. The Donguri Anne Public Library began construction in October 2012, and was completed in December 2012. The construction of the Yuriage Public Market is scheduled for completion in spring of 2013.

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