Joint Chamber Event: A Night of Sake

A Sake Night to (If I Can) Remember

Over 200 thirsty guests crammed the ballroom of the Tokyo American Club for the First Annual Night of Sake, held in partnership with the American, German, South-African and Danish Chambers of Commerce.

Over twenty breweries attended the event displaying over 50 different sakes. 

“We had a remarkable evening,” said Donna Cotter, a senior executive with Manulife Financial. “We have tried a few sakes since we arrived in Japan a little over a year ago, but it was great to try so many different sakes in one evening.”

“This was a great event for us,” said Ron Haigh, Chair of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ). “It was great to work with so many other chambers to bring together such an enjoyable evening. It’s also a great treat to discover some of the smaller craft breweries that are harder to find.”

The Sake Night was also the first official duty for the CCCJ incoming executive director, Jim Zhang. “I’ve only been on the job for a few days now and my first chamber event was a really fun evening. I think nearly everyone in the room went home with a prize and everyone clearly had a great time.”

Tonoike Shuzo
Usui Shouten
Honkematsuura Shuzojyo
Shirataki Shuzo
Miyasaka Jyozo
Asahi Shuzo
Hananomai Shuzo
Seiun Shuzo
Kikusui Shuzo
Tatenokawa Shuzo
Asahi Shuzo
Takara Shuzo
Okunomatsu Shuzo
Kunimare Shuzo
Hakkai Jyozo
Yoshida Shuzoten
Kirishima Shuzo
Kaganoi Shuzo
Nagai Shuzo
Tsuchiya Shuzo
EH Shuzo