Intern Project Announcement

In spring break 2013, CCCJ members and friends together with NPO, Ganbatte 365, brought down 11 high school students from Takata SHS in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture for a week of home stay and work experience in the big city. CCCJ Members offered their homes and their companies to help make the project a success and an unforgettable experience for the kids. Everyone who participated came away feeling great about their involvement. Here is a short video documenting the project:

Rikuzentakata is one of the places that was hardest hit by the tsunami. The sheer scale of the devastation there has made it particularly challenging to move the recovery forward, but the mayor, the city and the people are quite determined that they will recover.

We are now just a couple weeks away from spring break 2014 and we are getting ready to invite a new group of Takata SHS students for a week in Tokyo before they start their final year of high school. This year the students will arrive on Sunday March 16th and return home on Saturday March 22nd. The Committee is currently canvassing CCCJ Members to find companies willing to sponsor an intern or two for the week, or to offer their home for a student to stay. We are also looking for members who want to help out with the organisation of the project. Details and responsibilities of host companies are presented as below. It is the Committee’s hope that CCCJ Members will be able to support between 10 and 20 students in total for this rewarding experience.

With the CCCJ’s long-term commitment to supporting the redevelopment of Tohoku, this initiative offers Member Companies the opportunity to contribute first-hand, while providing this enjoyable and rewarding experience to these students.

Details & Responsibilities

•         The program would be open to 2nd year high school students. (i.e.: students who are just going into 3rd year)
•         Target is for 10 - 20 students.
•         Some Member Companies of the CCCJ would accept one or more students for a week internship. Companies would pay round-trip fare from Rikuzentakata to place of accommodation and travel to the company for the week.
•         Students would arrive on Sunday afternoon March 16th and leave on the next Saturday, March 22nd.
•         Volunteer within the company would offer to be host-family for a student for the week. It is also possible that members of the chamber will offer home stay independently of member company involvement with the result that children will stay with members but work at other member company offices.
•         Host-family will provide breakfast and dinner. Company will provide lunch or lunch allowance of 1,000 yen / day.
•         CCCJ will work with City of Rikuzentakata and/or school to match students with companies.

Activities and Schedule

Mar. 16: Students will arrive together at Tokyo station on Sunday. Host family representatives will meet on the platform and escort them to their homes.
Mar. 17: On Monday morning there will be a short orientation for students and representative from each company. Host family representatives are also welcome to attend. After that the students will be escorted to their respective companies.
Mar. 20: On Thursday evening we will get everyone involved together for a small event. The students will make a short presentation about what type of company they are at. This will give the students a chance to see what each other are doing. There will also be a Rakugo performance by the very entertaining Katsura Sunshine.
Mar. 21: Friday is a national holiday and will be a great chance for students to spend their last day with their host family.
Mar. 22: The host families will escort the students to Tokyo station to board the train back to Iwate.

Should you be interested in participating in this program by hosting a student and your company and/or your home, please reply to this mail, or get in touch with Neil van Wouw (neil [at] or Christian Howes (christian.howes [at]

Best regards,

CCCJ Tohoku Support Committee