CCCJ CSR Committee Initiates Project to Sponsor a Well in Rural Cambodia

The CCCJ CSR Committee announced on October 16, 2017 that with the partnership with HOPE International Development Agency, it will contribute JPY 180,000 towards a new well for rural Cambodia, capable of providing safe and clean drinking water to 4-6 families (20-30 people)

A large part of HOPE’s focus in Pursat has been on the provision of clean water and sanitation. Since 2002, 1,300 wells have been installed and continue to supply thousands of families with clean water. Families assist with installation of the wells and undergo maintenance training, so that they can take full ownership of their wells upon completion. These wells and the training, compost latrines and home gardens offered in conjunction, have enabled all these families to be in better health, increase farming productivity, generate more income and send their children to school. 

CCCJ CSR Committee is proud to partner with HOPE to give back to the community.


HOPE International Website: