Manulife Insurance Information Related to Covid-19

Handling of Various Matters in Connection with the Spread of COVID-19


Additional Notice about Hospitalization Claims

If a customer infected with COVID-19 stays at a temporary facility (stay-type facility such as a hotel) or at home, etc. for recovery, the customer can be treated as eligible for the payment of  hospitalization benefits, etc. by submitting a certificate, etc. regarding the duration from a public health center or medical institution.


Handling of Death/Medical Benefits 

  • Hospitalization for the purpose of treatment for COVID-19 infection

=> Eligible for the payment of Disease Hospitalization Benefit.

 * In case of hospitalization that meets the prescribed number of days as specified in his/her insurance policy, such customers are eligible for payment regardless of whether the person tests positive or negative for COVID-19.

  • In the event of death due to COVID-19

=> Eligible for the payment of Death Benefit.

* Not eligible for the payment of the prescribed "Accidental Death Benefit" due to infectious diseases.


How to Claim Death/Medical Benefits 

  • Request online or by phone (eClaims)

Request online

Request by phone

Manulife Life Insurance Call Center: 0120-063-730 (toll free)


   Shinjuku Office

      ASK Mariko Fumita

Hours of Operation: 9:00 to 17:00 Mondays through Fridays
 (Closed on public holidays and December 31 - January 3)

* Requests made online or by phone are subject to certain conditions.


Supplemental Service “Medical Hotline 24” 
(Health consultation call service)

Consultations regarding COVID-19 are also available for customers who have “Medical Hotline 24” of “Medical Relief (Plus)” attached to their insurance policies. This supplemental service is provided by T-PEC Corporation in which physicians, nurses, and other consultation staff consult 24/7 for insured persons and their family members.