Tokai Japan Canada Society

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Communications, International Relations, Non-Profit Organization

About Tokai Japan Canada Society

The Tokai Japan Canada Society (TJCS) was formally established in November, 2004 to promote the development of social, cultural and commercial relations between Canada and the Tokai region of Japan (Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shizuoka Prefectures). The TJCS is a not for profit organization that creates opportunities for its members to develop greater social, cultural and commercial relations with Canadian people living in the region.
Through periodic functions and events, the TJCS aims to create a greater sense of community among Canadians and to help foster increased relations between Canadians and Japanese, as well as other foreign nationals living in the Tokai region.

Key to the creation of the society and to the fulfillment of the society's goals is the relationship that exists between the TJCS and the Canadian Consulate in Nagoya. The TJCS is dedicated to supporting the activities of the Canadian Consulate in Nagoya in an effort to provide business and commercial support to its members. This relationship will also facilitate the improvement and development of cultural and social issue awareness for our members and others living in the Tokai region.

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