Joint Statement on the Entry Restrictions in Japan | 日本における入国制限措置に関する共同声明

On November 12th, 2021

The CCCJ issued a joint statement with other foreign Chambers of Commerce on the changes to (re)entry restrictions in Japan. 

We join our partner chambers in sharing our appreciation for the recent relaxation of (re)entry restrictions, but also call for the following further actions:


* Simplify and digitalize the application process for business visitors and (re)entry procedures at Japan’s airports

* Eliminate quarantines as soon as possible for vaccinated visitors and eventually eliminate the visa requirements for business travellers

* Consider increasing the limits on number of business visitors entering Japan in the near future

* Simplify, expedite and lower costs for entry of students in to Japan


Balancing public health and economic vitality is a tremendously difficult policy challenge that will require continuous re-evaluation and adjustment. CCCJ and other foreign Chamber of Commerce in Japan remain eager to engage with and support Japanese policymakers in this process. Our common goal is to ensure Japan remains safe, healthy, economically strong, and globally engaged.

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